The Center for Interreligious Encounter with Israel

    המרכז למפגש בין-דתי עם ישראל
     المركز للّقاء بين الاديان


    Promoting Conversation, Not Confrontation

    The Center for Interreligious Encounter with Israel
    provides visiting groups which are interreligious in their composition or in their areas of interest
    with a serious, systematic and sensitively balanced educational experience in Israel.


    The Center for Interreligious Encounter with Israel’s innovative programs encourage personal discovery through first-hand experience.  Site visits, text-study, lectures, meetings with local religious leaders and visits to local organizations serve as stimuli for far-ranging theological, historical and contemporary discussions amongst the participants and enable them to:
    • Explore their own Christian, Muslim or Jewish roots and gain a deeper understanding of key religious, cultural, spiritual
              and educational issues in Israeli and Palestinian society
    • Confront serious questions about faith, people and nationality in the context of complex regional problems
    • Deepen their own values through encounters with other people and cultures
    • Delve into timeless texts in the places where they were composed
    • Examine minority-majority relations in a region where Christians are a minority population and Jews a majority.
    • Return to their communities to build bridges and reduce tensions between religious communities.
    • Gain understanding of regional human rights issues, and how faith can be part of the solution.

    • Programs ranging from in-depth seminar-tours (10-12 days) to short (half-day) workshops
    • Programs for groups of first-timers and for repeating visitors
    • Seminars tailored to the needs and interests of our partnering institutions
    THEMES OF RECENT PROGRAMS     (All programs are custom developed in consultation with our partner organization.)

    Religion and Politics 
    • Hearing Two Narratives – and how not to export the conflict along religious lines
    • Understanding the Israel-Palestine Conflict and Interreligious initiatives for amelioration
    Religion and Spirituality 
    • Sacred Text and Archaeology
    • Jewish, Christian and Muslim Education: Teaching about ourselves and the other
    • The Parting of the Ways: Christian-Jewish Relations over the ages
    • History of the Holy Land



    •  “I knew it would be a religious experience, but didn't know it would be that phenomenal and have a huge impact. It wasn't sight-seeing. We were not only learning but experiencing. Wherever you went, if it wasn't about your faith, it was that of others and about being there with them and feeling what they're feeling. There were so many sides of this trip - religious and intellectual.”
    • “I have never had such a wide-ranging and though-provoking travel experience in such a short time.”
    • “It was stunning and overwhelming to discover new dimensions of my own faith whilst sharing important 'moments of faith’ with Muslims and Jews.”
    • “I will always treasure the experience and fully intend to translate it into practical action which will work to unite faith communities both in the UK and in Israel/Palestine.”
    • “The tour provided a learning opportunity that text books, articles or documentaries read and observed in the UK could never give.  It gave a range of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual experiences which I am now drawing on to develop my understanding and personal views about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.”
    • “A really brilliant trip!  For me, it enabled what had been strong opinions based on second-hand evidence to come really alive in first-hand encounter.”

    Contact: Ophir Yarden: ,  icciedu@gmail.com
    Sample programs and additional references are available upon request.