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Encounter Groups

Experience shows that there is no substitute for carefully planned and professionally facilitated face-to-face encounters and interaction in order to overcome ignorance and prejudice and to foster understanding and empathy between different cultural, ethnic, religious, or national groups. Thus one of the core activities of the Jerusalem Center for Jewish-Christian Relations is to initiate and facilitate a range of Jewish-Arab encounter groups throughout the Holy Land

In recruiting participants for its encounter program, JCJCR is guided by the assumption that changes in attitudes can best be achieved by working through groups of Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arab that have something in common. The common element can be age (e.g., youth), gender (e.g., women), profession (e.g., teachers, clergy or social workers), geography (neighboring villages), or concerns.

The Encounter groups are working in cooperation with different institutions, schools, organizations, religious communities and academic institutions. Most of the Center’s groups focus on youth, children and teenagers. Since personal interaction and experience in young age will help in shaping positive attitudes toward the “other” in the future and will help to promote understanding and tolerance to him. The effect of the groups should be measures by their circle of influences, since they have impact on their soundings: Schools, teachers, family, friends and collogues.

These are some of our encounter groups programs: