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  • The Jerusalem Center for Jewish-Christian Relations researches and reports different aspects of past and present relations of Jews and Christians in the Middle East and especially in the Holy Land, a subject that have been largely neglected until now. The center focuses on collecting information regarding The first concerns local cases of defamation of Christians or Jews as such, as well as incidents of desecration of holy sites, houses of worship and religious institutions,.

     Public Survey of Attitudes in Jewish Population of Israel Towards Christianity, Christians and the Christian Presence in Israel 2009

    The Jerusalem Center for Jewish-Christian Relations (JCJCR), in collaboration with the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies (JIIS), conducted a public survey of attitudes in the adult Jewish population of Israel towards Christianity, Christians, and the Christian presence in Israel. In the survey we tried to exam to what extent the attitude of the Israeli Jewish public toward Christian and Christianity is influenced by the difficult historical relations between Jews and Christians in the West. We also examined  if the Israeli Jews differentiate in his attitude between the Arab Christian population in Israel (of about 120,000 people) and the Non-Arab Christian society in Israel (about 30,000 citizens among them New immigrants from former Soviet Union countries), Clergy and representative of  foreign Christian organization. (read more)

    Christians and Christianity in the Jewish State 2010-2012

    During 2010 JCJCR continued and concluded a major research project in cooperation with the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies (JIIS), which was also jointly funding the research. The project was designed to accurately and comprehensively map and evaluate all areas of interaction between the Government of Israel and the Christian Churches and their institutions in the Holy Land. The study, which was conducted by a senior researcher at JIIS, Dr. Amnon Ramon, involves interviews with scores of Government officials and Church representatives. In the course of the research, JCJCR and JIIS have enhanced their network of contacts with government officials, which will serve the ultimate goal of the research, namely to make recommendations for how relations between the Government and the Churches and government services to the Churches and their institutions can be improved.
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    The book "Christians and Christianity in the Jewish State" was published in 2012 and summarizes the results and conclusion of the research.
    The book can be purchased at our office. contact .

    Research in Prograss 2013

    Guiding Narratives on Christianity and Christian sites 2013-2014

    Joint project of JCJCR and The Open University, Israel lead by Dr. Orit Ramon, Prof. Sonia Roccas and Dr. Varda Wasserman.
    The proposed research is interdisciplinary (members of the research group are psychologists, sociologists, geographers, historians and educators). The intention is to engage with this issue from different perspectives using different research methodologies. The research program has two major axes.
    On the vertical axis, changes in the narratives and discourses of guides and group members on Christian sites will be examined - from the late 1980s to the present. This research direction will enable us to track the changes in Israeli society regarding its attitude to 'others' within it, especially the attitude towards Christians. In our view, the attitude towards the Christian presence, particularly western Christianity, in Jerusalem, can be used as a kind of 'litmus test' for an in-depth examination of trends in Israeli society.
    The horizontal axis of the study will examine the ways in which the identity of the Christian 'other' is constructed, while the Jewish-Israeli identity of the members of the guided group is shaped, by analyzing guiding narratives on Christianity and Christian sites in Jerusalem in 2013-2014.

    Christian Communities in Galilee

    The current ongoing joint research project of JCJCR and the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies (JIIS), conducted by Dr. Amnon Ramon (JIIS), is focusing on Christians and Christian life in the North  of the country, in Galilee, where the majority of the Arab Christians in Israel are living.

    Research grants on Jewish-Christian Relations in the Holy Land 

    The historical relations of the Christian majority and the Jewish minority in the West have been well researched. Very little attention has been given to Jewish-Christian relations in the
    Middle East, and particularly in the Holy Land, where for more than a millennium the two groups have lived side by side as two small minorities. JCJCR provides modest research grants to local Jewish and Christian graduate students and scholars interested in examining topics that shed light on these relations. Preference will be given to subjects that provide evidence of Jewish-Christian cooperation or commonality, past or present, or offer examples of cross-cultural influences between Jews and Christians in the region. For more information, contact us at .