Information Services

Information Services
The aim of the JCJCR information services is to offer all sectors of Jewish and Arab-Christian society in the Holy Land accurate information and helpful insights about “the other.” The Center also responds to requests for background information from local and foreign journalists, various diplomatic delegations, Israeli government ministries, religious bodies, and academic institutions.

Most of this information is available on JCJCR’s trilingual website, which users can browse in English, Arabic and Hebrew. The user-friendly website is designed to serve and strengthen the different programs operated by JCJCR, and to make a wealth of material easily accessible to interested members of the public. The website comprises the following sections:

Activities – Details of JCJCR encounter groups, educational programs, and research and reports .

Know Your Neighbor – Brief articles about basic concepts, communities, customs and practices, history and identity, holidays, interfaith relations and links. All the articles are available in English; articles on Jews and Judaism are also available in Arabic, and articles on Christianity and the local Christian communities are also available in Hebrew.

Calendars – Comprehensive trilingual calendars of Jewish and Christian holidays and commemorations, as well as a schedule of local events pertinent to Jewish-Christian relations

News – Periodically updated items of interest to the local Jewish and Christian communities

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