Director-General : Dr. Sarah Bernstein, an Israeli Jew born in the UK, has a background in law and mediation. Since 2000 Sarah has worked in the field of peace-building and coexistence work, specializing in interreligious dialogue. She was awarded her Phd in Peace and Reconciliation Studies by Coventry University in England for her thesis on the theme of ‘Narratives of Belonging: Life Stories of Jewish-Israeli Women in Jerusalem.’ The Israeli editor of the book, Women of the Book: A Jerusalem Collage, Dr. Bernstein's article on "Is 'Interreligious' Synonymous with 'Interfaith'? The Roles of Dialogue in Peacebuilding" was recently published as a chapter in the book, Peacebuilding and Reconciliation: Contemporary Challenges and Themes (Pluto Press, 2012).
E-Mail: 0547529222

Program Director : Hana Bendcowsky, an Israeli Jew from Jerusalem with a M.A. degree in Comparative Religion from Hebrew University and 14 years of practical experience in interfaith activities in Israel and abroad, is in charge of overseeing the daily running of the Center’s diverse educational programs, contributes to the preparation of educational materials in Hebrew, and teaches in the Center’s various educational programs. In addition to her position with JCJCR, Hana works as a free lance tour educator in Jerusalem for groups involving over 1,500 individuals a year, mainly Israeli Jews and primarily study tours in the Christian Quarter.
E-Mail: 054-2103314

Program Director for Galilee : Hussam Elias, an Arab Christian from Cana and a doctoral student in Sociology at Hebrew University with over 10 years of practical experience in community projects designed to promote mutual understanding and tolerance between different religious and national groups, co-directs the Dialogue and Identity schools program, currently working with 12 schools in the Galilee and 6 in the center of Israel. In addition to his work with JCJCR, Hussam works with the Nazareth-based International Christian Committee in Israel (ICCI), an affiliate of the Middle East Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches.

Project Coordinator for Jerusalem: Cami Mizrahi, an Israeli Jew from Jerusalem, with many years of experience as an educator and facilitator in the field of Jewish-Arab relations, is the Director of the “Educating Educators for Change” anti-racism teacher-training program, facilitates two women’s dialogue groups in Jaffa and coordinates the Healing Hatred program. Cami has a BA in Education, an MA in International Studies and is now pursuing a second MA in Bibliotherapy at David Yellin College.

Project Coordinator for Center: Vivian Rabia, an Arab Christian from Ramle, has worked for over 13 years as a professional group facilitator for adults and  young adults, in the field of personal identity, women’s empowerment and more. Vivian co-facilitates the Dialogue and Identity schools program, the Healing Hatred spiritual counselling course, and 2 women’s groups in Jaffa. In addition to her work with JCJCR, Vivian is the program director at the "Open House" in Ramleh, a center for Jewish- Arab dialogue. Additionally Vivian is activist in different organizations as "Midreshet Adam", "Center for Educational Technology" "the Association for Civil Rights in Israel", “BeAtzmi" and more. 

Office Manager and Treasurer: Soher Zaatry, a Christian Arab from Haifa and Jerusalem, completed her MA degree in mathematics at the Technion in Haifa. In addition, Soher works at the Salesian seminary and is a professional lecturer and consultant on Financial Management and banking. She is involved in various women’s empowerment projects in the Arab sector and teaches all over the country.

Educational Tourism Coordinator
Hava Schwarz, an Israeli Jew from Jerusalem, is an experienced Jerusalem tour guide specializing in tours relating to art and to the geopolitical realities in the city. Over the years Hava has taught Art History in Jerusalem high schools, and supervises art history teachers at the Kerem Institute. With a BA in Art History and Humanities from the Hebrew University, and an MA in Art Theory and Policy from  Bezalel Academy, her MA thesis focused on the creation of a national symbolic landscape around the Old City in Jerusalem. Hava is currently a doctoral student in the Cultural Studies department at Hebrew University 

Public Engagement Coordinator:  Shalom Boguslavsky, born in Russia, studied history, photography and group facilitation, and lives in Jerusalem. Shalom is an informal educator, facilitates Jewish-Arab dialogue, is training as a tour guide, writes and manages social media.
Resource Developer : Dr. Tina Blomquist, a Christian living in the community of Nataf outside Jerusalem, with over 20 years of involvement in educational work and interfaith relations in Jerusalem and in the Holy Land, contributes to the running and development of JCJCR with particular attention to editing, writing proposals and reports. Tina holds a Doctorate in Theology and a M.A. in Archaeology. She is a licensed tour educator in Israel.